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Apology and Explanation for the Trouble with TIFF’s Online Ticket System

FAQ regarding remedies for the Tokyo International Film Festival Online Ticket Sales system trouble 10.25 updated

About TIFF
Q Is TIFF an event only for the Film Industry paticipants?
A TIFF is a film festival for cinema fans and anybody can purchase the tickets to watch the films. Enjoyable events will take place at the venue during the festival.
Q What are the dates of the festival?
A The film festival runs for 10 days, from Tuesday October 25 thru Thursday November 3, 2016.
Q Where are the venues?
A Venues : The festival takes place at the main venue in Roppongi Hills (Minato City, Tokyo). The other events co-hosted by Tokyo International Film Festival will be held in various locations throughout Tokyo metropolitan area and Kabukiza.
Q What kind of films will be screened at the festival?
A Tokyo International Film Festival screens lot of films chosen from the following 10 Sections of the Main Program and holds wide variety of events.
  • Competition
  • Asian Future
  • Japanese Cinema Splash
  • Special Screenings
  • Special Program
  • World Focus
  • Japan Now
  • Japanese Classics
  • Youth
For the details of the events and various projects, please refer to the Sections In Brief page.
Q Do the films screened at the festival have subtitles?
A As a general rule, all the films will be shown with English or Japanese subtitles or both. In case of any changes, details will be updated on this website.
Q Do you need to purchase the tickets to watch the Opening Red Carpet?
A Purchasing of tickets are not required. Guests without the tickets can watch the Opening Red Carpet at designated location. Please follow the directions given by person in charge of the venue.
Q Please inform us who the guests will be for the festival.
A Information on guests will be posted on TIFF Official Web site.
Q Where can you purchase the 29th Official Programme book?
A You can purchase the official programme book at the Froovie(Japanese Web Site for 2,000 Yen per book during the Festival.
Q Can you take the photos in the theaters?
A Taking photos or video is prohibited in the theaters.
How to Enjoy TIFF
Q Can you let us know about the history of TIFF?
A The first edition of the TIFF was held on 1985. It was held biannually until the fourth edition.
On 1994, the 7th edition was held in Kyoto commemorating the 1200 year of Heian's founding.17th edition on 2004.
was held in Roppongi Hills and Bunkamura.. Roppongi Hills became the main venue from the 22nd edition held on 2009.
2016 will be the 29th edition of the Tokyo International Film Festival.
Q What is TIFFCOM?
A TIFFCOM is the international entertainment business market of content linked with TIFF and is held every autumn.
The TIFFCOM venue for 2016 is Odaiba. TIFFCOM has become one of the largest Asian marketplace in past 12 editions and has truly become the platform for the world buyers and content holding exhibitor providing films, televisions, animation, digital media content, comics and publications.
For Press
Q How can I attend the festival as a press reporter?
A Please click the tab “For Press” and complete the applications for press ID accreditations.
Q How can I run the film stills and photos during the festival?
A We offer materials needed for press. They will be provided via an internet download service. Please sign up for
  • 8th KYOTO HISTORICA INTERNAITONAL FILM FESTIVAL to Co-host TIFF @ Kyoto Week!|2016.11.1[TUE]〜11.13[SUN]
  • 8th KYOTO HISTORICA INTERNAITONAL FILM FESTIVAL to Co-host TIFF @ Kyoto Week!|2016.11.1[TUE]〜11.13[SUN]
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