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[ 走出塵埃 ]
Director: Xie Xiaodong
  • Drama
  • Music
International Premiere
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10/26 15:35- (113min) -
  • Q&A
Guest (tentative): Q&A: Xie Xiaodong(Director/Producer/Screenplay), Qin Yong(Actor), Feng Bo(Actress), Qi Zhi(Actor)
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10/27 17:30- (113min) -
  • Q&A
Guest (tentative): Q&A: Xie Xiaodong(Director/Producer/Screenplay),Feng Bo (Actress),Qi Zhi (Actor)
Tickets ¥1300
Tickets (student) ¥1000
Tickets at the Door (student) ¥500 Available from 0:00
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Heping, a rock singer 20 years ago, now works as a driver. He meets his old bandmate Dayong, a juror for music competitions. Drinking with him, He-ping feels a twinge of passion for music, but declines Dayong’s offer to be a juror. Later, after a tragedy, Heping goes on stage again, in despair… Depicting through music the zeal for youthful dreams, Nirvana won the 2016 Shanghai IFF Best Actor Award. Director Xie Xiaodong said the first half is “like a documentary to record the daily life of middle-aged people” and the latter half “touches on the deep fantasies of many middle-aged people”.

Fang He-ping was a rock singer when he was young, twenty years ago. He is now working at night as a driver for hire. He is busy in his daily life just like any other middle age man, salt of the earth. In order to open a restaurant, Fang mortgages his house to take out a loan and it seems that everything is going well. He happens to notice a singing competition for which his old band mate Da-yong is the judge. Da-yong and He-ping meet up again, drinking together and recalling past days. During theireir conversation, Da-yong invites He-ping to attend the competition as a judge, and even though he refuses, the invitation makes an impression on He-ping. However, something terrible occurs and He-ping falls into despair. He has no choice but to try to go back on stage again. But things are getting worse...

[Director's Message]
You see more death after you pass a certain age. It makes me think more about who we really are and what we really care about. The first part of the film is more like a documentary to record the daily life of middle-aged people. The kind of boring and busy life without dreams anymore. The secod half of the film is more dramatized and really touches the deep fantasies of many middle-aged people.
Director Xie Xiaodong

Born in Beijing, China in 1963, Xie Xiaodong has made eight feature films including Fall of Ming, Vegetate, and Crisis Management as a producer and script writer. Almost all of his films have won awards at various film festivals. Nirvana is his directorial debut.

Staff Director/Producer/Screenplay : Xie Xiaodong
Executive Producer : Tang Ke
Executive Producer : Lin Lining
Executive Producer : Liu Xiaoli
Executive Producer : Jia Zhaoqiang
Screenplay : Zhang Xiaobei
Cinematographer : He Shan
Editor : Xia Tong
Production Designer : Bai Hao
Music : Wang Lifu
Cast Qin Yong
Feng Bo
Qi Zhi
Cao Wei
Zhang Xuanming
113min. Color Mandarin [Subtitled in English and Japanese] | 2016 China |
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  • 8th KYOTO HISTORICA INTERNAITONAL FILM FESTIVAL to Co-host TIFF @ Kyoto Week!|2016.11.1[TUE]〜11.13[SUN]
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