2016.10.24 [Topic]
The 29th Tokyo International Film Festival Original Goods go on sale 10/25 (Tue)

29th TIFF Official Program ¥2,000

©2016 TIFF

29th TIFF Official Tote Bag (black / white ) ¥2,000

©2016 TIFF

29thtiff_totebag_blk 29thtiff_totebag_wht

©2016 TIFF

Sale Period
10/25 (Tue) – 11/3 (Thu)
Sales Location
・TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills
・ROPPONGI HILLS ART & DESIGN STORE(Mori tower 3rd floor)
・Ex Theater Roppongi
※Please note that sale at the Tiff Ani!! venue has been cancelled due to circumstance

29th Tokyo International Film Festival
Dates: October 25 – November 3, 2016
Venues: Roppongi Hills, EX Theater Roppongi and other venues in Tokyo.

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